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A Dad for All Seasons

By Troy Vincent
NFL Player Engagement

As a husband, father of five children, and a former player, it would be an understatement to say that I have some firsthand personal experience grappling with how to manage the separate but important roles of my life.

And, I’m hardly alone.

Those who play for the NFL already know how difficult it is to find time for themselves during the season, let alone time for their loved ones. Although most players will try to convince themselves that they will be able to “make up for lost time” with their children and wives during the off-season, they also know in their hearts that their families need them to be connected and present throughout the entire year. When it comes to being there for your family, lost time is never found so it is important that you maximize today.

Because of the time and energy required of NFL players, many players privately worry that they are cheating their children and families out of time that should rightfully be devoted to them. Guilt and procrastination, according to George Woods of All Pro Dad, an organization that many of us from the NFL work closely with, are the two greatest challenges facing professional athletes.

“Players can become consumed with guilt and consequently feel emotionally torn during the football season,” says George. “The guilt is not about what they are doing wrong as much as it is about not having enough time for everything and everyone important to them. They want to focus solely on football; it is a part of their professional DNA. But they also love their families.”

Being in two places at once seems to be the only answer for NFL players with families.

Fortunately, thanks to technology and a strong personal commitment to becoming a better communicator, that is actually possible.

Whether you are a single father or married; whether your children live with you or not; we all have the opportunity to be a good or better father. Your ability to be a good father isn’t hampered by game schedules, geography or location. Being a good dad is about “being present” in your children’s lives. Communicate with your family, whether it’s via Skype, text, email, letters, telephone – it doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you do it. Good communication along with your support and involvement in their daily lives creates an important framework for the relationship you are building with your children.

Not only will your presence make a difference in their lives; but their presence will make a difference in yours.

Part of their overall mission and one of the many things All Pro Dad does extremely well is to provide fathers and their families with simple concepts, rich resources and effective ways for families to stay emotionally connected. In fact, many NFL coaches and players, through the All Pro Dad network, continue to exchange ideas and experiences on fatherhood by sharing what has worked well for me and many others.

Please join me in being a part of All Pro Dad. For more information on the different ways to stay connected with your families, visit

NFL Player Engagement continues to partner with All Pro Dad, an organization that serves as a valuable resource in the development of both players and coaches in their important off-the-field roles as father and husband. The mission of All Pro Dad is to help men become better fathers by establishing family as a top priority in life and by promoting principles for building marriages and raising children.

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