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80/20 Rule

By Angela Charlton, PhD
Manager of Player Engagement

Pareto’s Principle, often referred to as the 80/20 rule, states that a few things (20 percent) are vital and the majority of things (80 percent) are trivial and produce very little value or contribution to our lives. Prioritizing the vital and trivial things is essential to finding a healthy work-life balance, and the off-season is a perfect time to accomplish this! An important component to maintaining this balance is good time management. Utilizing good time management skills can have a positive impact on relationships as well as reduce stress. According to Stephen Covey (2004), the essence of good time management is to prioritize things based on importance. Covey states that most people do things based on urgency, not importance. If we make the paradigm shift to prioritizing those things that are important as opposed to those things we consider urgent, it will positively impact our lives. These habits as well as many others are often formed subconsciously; therefore it is important to make a conscious effort to make this change. 

Some keys to becoming a good time-manager are to set goals and objectives once prioritizes are clarified. Plan your time by setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals but also allow some flexibility. If your goals aren’t accomplished, evaluate what is getting in the way and conquer these issues. Remember to find time to relax and enjoy life and friends and family.

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