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The Jefferson Awards

 Building a Culture of Service

The Jefferson Awards Foundations is the country's longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service. Through their programs they train and empower individuals to serve and lead in their communities, amplifying their impact through their vast network of media partners, mentors and volunteers. Each year, they honor the most outstanding achievements in public service at the Jefferson Awards National Ceremonies. Like NFLPE, JAF recognizes the transformative effect of giving back and getting involved can have for student athletes. They provide tools for leaders in service and in life.


homepage lead360

LEAD360 is the platform that powers youth service ideas: to realize their vision, act as the megaphone for their voices, and empower them and the country to ACT with MAXIMUM IMPACT.

homepage studentsinaction

Students In Action (SIA) is a turnkey high school service and leadership program that trains student leaders to THINK BIG, become the DRIVING FORCE for effective service and create MEANINGFUL IMPACT. We are in 325 high schools and have trained over 12,000 student leaders.

homepage globechangers

Globe Changers identifies extraordinary young Americans, ages 5-25, with BIG IDEAS andBIG ENERGY. Through training and mentorship, we help translate their BIG IDEA to CHANGE THE WORLD into national or global service projects.


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