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Test-Taking Strategies

If there is one word that clearly causes students undue stress, that word is test. Regardless of ability or preparation, a test brings with it the fear of failure. Students seldom look forward to a test, even in their favorite subjects.

Big Brother is Watching: Your Life Is An Open Face(Book)

Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore and The Real World – just to name a few – are some of the most popular television shows on today. People seem to be more interested in reality TV than fictional shows most likely because so many are willing to let us have an intimate view into their personal lives.

Off-The-Field Training For NFL Hopefuls

NEW YORK -- The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is trying to educate a somewhat unique group of future investors: college football stars, seen by the National Football League and Wall Street's self-regulator as prime targets for scam artists attracted by players' big contracts.

Introducing the NFL-Wharton Prep Leadership Program

NFL Player Engagement and the Wharton Sports Business Initiative are excited to announce the inaugural NFL-Wharton Prep Leadership Program. The Prep Leadership Program is a highly selective leadership and achievement recognition program for a select group of elite male and female student-athletes. The program recognizes the success of the invitees both on the field and in the classroom and provides participants with two days of specific leadership training and development programming.

Sean Davis: The Power of a Student Athlete’s Vision

Student-athlete Sean Davis, a senior at Washington D.C.’s Maret High School, has had a crystal clear vision for himself since he was a young boy. This fall, when the 6’1 ½”, 180 lb. college freshman steps out onto the field at Bryd Stadium at the University of Maryland for the very first time, he knows that he has already been there.