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The Bridge to Success 2016 - Arthur McAfee

By Rachel Terrill, Player Engagement Insider

Arthur McAfee Welcomes NFL Legends to the Bridge to Success

It happens in an instant for most – the blink of an eye – an NFL player becomes a legend. When the games ends, the brotherhood remains – but what’s next? More than 150 NFL Legends and NFL wives gathered for The Bridge to Success. 

The NFL is but a blip on the timeline of any player’s life – but that does not mean that it cannot be the launching pad from which a player launches into the rest of his life. The NFL Bridge to Success kicked off with Senior Vice President Player Engagement, Arthur McAfee, as he welcomed Legends and their wives. “I hope the programs are helpful as you plan your families and careers moving forward” 

McAfee offered his story to inspire others in their career journey. “I called people everyday for about a year to find out where I could find meaningful work – not everyone had something for me… but they did have time for a conversation.” One conversation and one job led to another and McAfee found himself at the head of NFL Player Engagement. “It’s an honor to be in this space,” he said.

The Bridge to Success is an annual event to assist players to successfully transition from the NFL toward the rest of their lives.  For more information email or check out this video .


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