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N.F.L. Players Live Longer Than Other Men, Study Says

The N.F.L. is making some of its former players aware of a study that found that they are likely to live longer than men in the general population. The study was commissioned by the players union and was sent by the league Tuesday to men who played in the N.F.L. before 1993.

Help for Pro Athletes When the Cheers Stop

DURING the New England Patriots’ 1982 training camp, several of Keith L. Lee’s teammates urged the second-string defensive back to push for a promotion. Mr. Lee, then a free agent pickup in his third year with the team, cornered his coach one day to lobby for the starter’s job. But his dream was dashed.

Taking Online and Distance Learning Courses

The most rapidly growing area in the field of education is online education, a term used to describe a variety of Internet-based courses and degree programs that are usually part of a college or university’s distance learning program.

Finding a Balance

Maintaining a healthy life balance is important for everyone. Balancing mind, body, and spirit is an important component to a healthy lifestyle.