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Why YOU Should be Linked In to LinkedIn

By Taunita Stephenson
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While most people are members of Twitter and Facebook and can tell you about the features of both, not so many can do the same for LinkedIn. LinkedIn, a user-friendly social networking site with a professional focus, has over 120 million registered users. The fundamental purpose of the website is to stay connected and maintain your professional network.

If properly managed, the value of having a LinkedIn account can be indispensable and lead to endless networking and career opportunities. Many companies have begun to use LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment.

Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Profile:  

  • Make sure your created profile is complete and as detailed as possible, including current and past employment, education, organizations, and website. 
  • Consider uploading a photo, preferably a headshot, to your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Include all your resume keywords and skills in your profile, so your profile will be found in search results. 
  • Constantly build your network. 


    • A simple LinkedIn search can lead to finding contacts from your current and prior employers and schools.  
    • Finding contacts has the potential to launch or further grow your career while gaining references.  
    • The more contacts you have, the better your network is and the stronger your visibility will be. You  increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they are searching for someone to hire.
    • Don’t limit yourself! LinkedIn makes the networks of our connections visible. The website shows us our second and third degree network contacts and how we know this person. Remember to utilize contacts of YOUR contacts. Add their connections and further expand your network.  
    • If you want to connect with someone you don’t know, look them up on LinkedIn and see who your mutual connections are and ask that person to make the introduction. 
    • Join groups that reflect your background or interests. 
  • Request that people use the recommendation feature on your profile. 
  • Use the Answers feature of LinkedIn. Responding to and asking questions increase your visibility. 
  • Remember that the main point of LinkedIn is to advertise yourself.Remember to improve or update your profile as much as possible.

    • Look for ways to improve your search engine optimization.
    • Post links on your blog, website, or email signature that are connected to your LinkedIn account.
  • Educate yourself: If you are interested in a certain company or going on an interview, you can use LinkedIn to find out more about people that work for that company or that you are meeting.

Remember to keep these tips in mind while building a successful network and support system as you maneuver through your career.

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