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NFL Training Camp: Security Tips

By Deana Garner
Director of Player Security Services

It’s that time again! Here is some informaiton for you to consider that will help you have peace of mind and be able to focus on the field during Training Camp.  

Peace at Home – Peace on the Field

  • Consider having your local NFL Security Representative conduct a home security survey before you leave for camp. They can check out your doors, windows, locks, alarm system, and lighting to ensure that you feel safe.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery so these don’t pile up while you are away.
  • Keep your lawn maintained so people think someone is home.

Camp Life

  • Learn your team’s security plan to keep you and your property safe and secure.
  • Leave large sums of money and expensive jewelry at home in a secure area.
  • Remember – no firearms or weapons.

Be Mentally Present at Camp

  • Focus on the training – Twitter, U-stream, and Facebook can wait.
  • Report any suspicious activity that you observe by people you are unfamiliar with. Sometimes they are not ‘Fans’ but predators.
  • Before you go to camp, minimize distractions. Take care of your “offseason” business.

    • Update your car, insurance, and registration.
    • Pay any outstanding tickets or liens (including child support).
    • Update your Passport and VISA.
    • Ensure that your Driver’s License is current.

Contact your team’s Director of Player Engagement or NFL Security for more information.

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